Low Cost Bulk Storage  Sekweta provides economical bulk file storage (an "electronic lockbox") for those wanting reliable off-site file storage for basic or self-managed backups. Each lockbox provides the same ultra-reliable storage as our  Fully Managed Off-Site Backup Services.

FTP and rsync Supported   FTP and rsync are supported methods of transferring files to your Off-Site LockBox at Sekweta. We recommend rsync, because it sends only the changes you have made to files since the last backup. If you have a very large file (for example, 500 MB) but only a small portion has been modified, FTP will re-send the entire 500 MB, whereas rsync will only transfer the changes. This dramatically reduces the time needed to complete the backup, improves reliablity, and conserves network resources. FTP is a good choice when you are primarily backing up small files and are unfamiliar with rsync.

Best of Both Worlds  If you need an economical off-site lockbox but would like someone else to handle the setup on your PC, we can provide the backup software, perform the installation and configure the backup schedule for you.


"Getting data offsite is a critical step to full data protection – and one that SMBs and remote offices cannot overlook."

B. Cramer, Disaster  Recovery Journal