Why Managed Off-Site Backups Make Sense.  Many businesses do not perform regular backups, and those who do spend valuable time and resources struggling to manage backup schedules, backup media (tapes, disks, CDs) and validating those backups. That time could be focused on their core business instead. Or, backups are done occasionally but not every day as they should be. Restoring lost data is an even greater challenge. Backups are often found to be corrupt, after it's too late, because of worn or defective media, and because nobody performed data validation after the backup was finished.

Backups kept on-premises expose both the original data-- and the backup copies-- to the same risks. If your office is destroyed, your on-site backups are also destroyed. Moving the backups OFF premises is as important as creating the backups.

Sekweta Technologies provides secure, reliable, managed, off-site backup services.  We work with you to select the files and programs that are candidates for backup. Next, backup software is installed on the appropriate workstations and servers. Then, backup schedules are configured on each device. When the fully-automated backup jobs run, files are assembled and packed for transfer off-site.

Guaranteed Privacy and Security  Once your files are ready for transport, they are wrapped inside highly secure military-grade encryption for their journey to the Sekweta storage system. Nobody (not even Sekweta engineers) can open or read your encrypted files. Only you have the passkey to unlock the encryption. Your confidential data remains private at all times.

Alerts For Failed Backups  You no longer have to wonder if backups were completed, because our system sends email alerts if a scheduled backup fails to run properly. No more guesswork., no more wondering.

Help When You Need It Most  In the event you lose data, don't worry. Whether an employee accidentally deletes a spreadsheet, or your in-house server crashes, Sekweta is here to guide you through the file restoration process. In the event your premises is damaged, or your in-house server has failed, we can even provide remote-access services to run your business while your office is being rebuilt or a new server is deployed.

Just need basic off-site storage?  For those who prefer basic or self-managed backups, we offer Low Cost  Off-Site Data LockBox services as well.


"Getting data offsite is a critical step to full data protection – and one that SMBs and remote offices cannot overlook."

B. Cramer, Disaster  Recovery Journal