PROTECTION FROM THE INTERNET STORM.  The Internet (a "network of networks") is a powerful tool for communication and information exchange, but is also a dangerous place.  When your office is connected to the Internet, it is physically linked  to more than a million other private, academic, corporate, and government networks globally.  Hackers have automated tools that repeatedly scan every address on the Internet looking for vulnerable systems.  All they need is one tiny flaw in your perimeter security, to put your entire network at risk.  The only thing protecting you from the dangers of this hostile environment is a firewall.

IS YOUR CURRENT FIREWALL ADEQUATE?  Is your firewall outdated? Is it configured properly to withstand the ever-increasing attacks that occur on a daily basis?  Outsourcing your firewall management to Sekweta is a smart move.

OPTION 1:  WE MANAGE YOUR CURRENT FIREWALL.   Sekweta administrators are experienced with a wide array of firewalls, from large commercial units to small "broadband router" types.  We can configure and manage your on-premises firewall directly from our network operations center (NOC).  When a configuration change is needed, a NOC administrator handles the request securely and remotely. This is much faster than waiting for a consultant or technician to drive to your premises-- and far less expensive than an on-site service call.

OPTION 2:  WE PROVIDE THE FIREWALL.  Need a new firewall?  When you are ready for bulletproof network protection, let Sekweta deploy cutting edge firewall technology for your business, without breaking the budget.  Sleep comfortably at night knowing your network is secure.  We can protect any standard internet link, from simple FIOS®, Cable, DSL, and T-1 connections, to high speed circuits including DS-3, Fast-E, GigE, and 10-GigE.  All firewalls installed by Sekweta are managed and monitored 24x7 from our network operations center (NOC).

MULTI-SITE VPN.  Sekweta can link your main and branch offices together into one large network using VPN (virtual private network) technology.  Using your existing Internet connection, we build secure "tunnels" with military-grade encryption between locations, enabling you to share files and communicate with your offices across town, or across the world, as easily and securely as if everyone was in the same office.  All Sekweta VPNs are fully managed from our network operations center (NOC) for exceptionally fast response times to your support requests.

VPN FOR REMOTE WORKERS.  A mobile workforce is a productive workforce, but remote access to the corporate network adds new security challenges that must be addressed.  When a remote worker connects to files, programs or databases inside the office, strict access controls must be in place to prevent hackers from using that link as a backdoor channel into your network. Sekweta can design a secure VPN architecture for maximum mobility and productivity.

DON'T SEE WHAT YOU NEED?  Have a unique situation you'd like to discuss? Sekweta welcomes the opportunity to recommend and deploy the best firewall and VPN solutions for your business.

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" security has become a major concern to companies throughout the world. The fact that the information and tools needed to penetrate the security of corporate networks are widely available has only increased that concern. ."

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