Sekweta Technologies LLC (herein referred to as "Sekweta Technologies") does not collect any personal or identifiable information about you when you visit our website, unless you choose to contact us directly. We then only have the information available to us which you provide. Sekweta Technologies does not share this information with any third party companies outside of our internal employees solely for the purpose of communicating with you for the intent and purposes that you have contacted Sekweta Technologies.

Sekweta Technologies does not share any confidential information of our customer base to any company or third party individuals under any circumstance. Sekweta Technologies will take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety and integrity of customers personal information by requiring authorization before providing any login, password or customer information by anyone, including said client. All personal information is stored in secure locations in our building and databases with every reasonable precaution taken to ensure its safety from outside intruders. Sekweta Technologies will only disclose personal information upon direct written order by federal, state, or local governmental agencies, which we are required to provide by court order. Any disputes, questions or concerns over the use of any information obtained or used by any individual within Sekweta Technologies, or third party individuals, may contact us by e-mailing .

No personal information will be released by Sekweta Technologies without the express written consent of the client or potential client for any reason outside of mandated via court order requirements. Clients -- current, potential, or former -- who violate these terms of service or our acceptable use policy are no longer protected by this privacy policy, and Sekweta Technologies may, at our discretion, publish certain identifying information for our own use or the use of others.

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