COMPLEX, CRITICAL SYSTEMS   Servers are the most critical computer systems on your network. They store mission-critical data, enforce security policies, manage print spools, and perform other important functions. Servers are therefore more complex than desktop PCs. Without proper maintenance data can be permanently lost, stopping your business in its tracks.

FAST RESPONSE TO SERVER ISSUES   If your server encounters a problem, a Sekweta administrator can diagnose and resovle most issues without leaving our Network Operations Center (NOC). Resolving problems from our NOC eliminates the long wait for a technician or consultant to arrive on-site. Problems which used to take hours or days to repair, can now be fixed within minutes.

EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION   Sekweta will monitor your servers 24x7 from our Network Operations Center (NOC). If disk space is running low or if a critical service goes down, for example, our monitoring systems will trigger an alert and corrective action will be taken. We catch the small problems before they become big problems.

DETAILED SECURITY AUDITS   Servers under Sekweta management will have their operating systems "hardened" for security, and will receive detailed security scans to reveal hidden vulnerabilities so corrective action can be taken.

DAILY OFF-SITE BACKUPS   Sekweta can perform daily managed off-site backups of critical data on each server under management. Additionally, we offer rapid-response recovery services to get your data back online fast, should a hardware failure or other issue render your server unuseable.

SOFTWARE INSTALLATIONS & UPGRADES   Software installations can be a confusing and difficult chore. Sekweta will install your new software and software upgrades on your server, free of charge, under our server management packages.

OPERATING SYSTEM UPDATES   All servers under Sekweta management will be continually monitored for required operating system updates, also known as "patches" and "security fixes". All such required updates will be installed free of charge.

Professional Network Management

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