PROUD TO BE ALL-AMERICAN   Sekweta Technologies LLC provides technology management and related services for small to medium sized businesses. We enable businesses to outsource all or a portion of their technology support services, without sending their dollars off-shore. Sekweta's ownership and operations are located entirely within the United States.

GEOGRAPHIC DIVERSITY   Rather than taking an "all eggs in one basket" approach like our competitors, Sekweta's technology assets are distributed across multiple datacenters.  For example, the servers hosting our off-site backup service in our Tampa regional facility are mirrored (data is duplicated) to servers near Charlotte, NC.  Even in the unlikely event the Tampa regional facility suffers a catastrophic loss, a fully protected duplicate copy of your data will remain safe at our North Carolina facility.  

CERTIFIED AND EXPERIENCED   All Sekweta administrators and network personnel are industry certified, and possess a wealth of technology experience. Creative out-of-the-box thinking brings interesting and effective solutions to technology problems of all shapes and sizes.

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