EMAIL Filtering    Viruses. Trojans. Spyware. These are not just productivity killers. They are network killers. A single malware infection from a tainted email can spread through the entire office, causing permanent damage to files and exposing your network to hackers and identity thieves. Relying on a PC virus scanner is not enough-- email must be thoroughly scanned for dangers before it arrives at the recipient's inbox.

Spam is a time waster and productivity killer, and sorting through it distracts employees from their jobs. Barracuda Networks reports that in 2007, up to 95% of all email was spam.  Sekweta's internal monitoring confirms that figure-- more than 90% of email our network receives for filtering is spam.  Please see our Enterprise Class Email Service Options for information on how Sekweta can stop spam dead in its tracks, before it reaches your inbox.

WEB CONTENT Filtering    Studies show that up to 40% of all Internet use on the job is personal and not work related. SexTracker reports that nearly 70% of all pornographic downloads occur during working hours. A study by the Secure Computing Corporation revealed that 20% of employees examined had visited pornographic websites while at work.

An employee viewing pornography on the job can expose you to lawsuits. File-sharing copyrighted music is illegal. Malicious websites can infect your network with viruses and spyware. Surfing social and entertainment sites (such as MySpace and YouTube) wastes time.  Employees using personal webmail can send company documents and trade secrets to your competitors. And do you really want them surfing career sites looking for a new job on your time?

Sekweta's Web Content Filtering Services block pornography and other obscene content, social networking sites, games, personal webmail, career sites, and other time wasters.  Make sure employee Internet use is job-related.

Email Spam-Virus Filtering
Web Content Filtering

" increasing number of websites and Internet applications... are hosts to spyware, viruses, and other Internet threats."

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