Sekweta provides Fully Managed Off-Site Backup Services for maximum reliability, and Off-Site Data LockBoxes for low-cost or self-managed bulk file storage.

WHY BACKUPS ARE SO IMPORTANT:  Which of these could you afford to lose without warning?

  • Accounting Records
  • Customer Lists
  • Databases
  • Employee Records
  • Sales History
  • Business Intelligence
  • Documents and Spreadsheets
  • Marketing Materials
  • Critical Software
  • Archives - Documents, Images, Data Repositories

EXCUSES FOR NOT MAKING BACKUPS:   Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I never thought about it.  Too many business owners don't think about backups until after they suffer a loss of data.

  • I'm not a tech person and don't know what to do.  Sekweta can manage the backups for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

  • Backups are too much trouble.  How much trouble is losing your files from a hard drive crash?

  • I paid a lot of money for a good server that won't break down.   Expensive servers do fail sometimes, and a high pricetag does not guard against fire or theft.

  • I have a surge protector so lightning won't hurt my server.That's a good start, but surge protection does not guard against fire, theft, human error, or hard drive failures.

  • I trust my employees.  Most business owners do, but that is no protection from a disgruntled employee. Here is a recent example: Fox News: Angry Employee Deletes All of Company's Data.

  • A consultant takes care of my network.  Make sure nightly backups are being performed. Many consultants handle break-fix or network management, but do not include off-site nightly backups.

ONLY HALF THE STORY:  Performing backups is a great first step, but once created they must be moved off premises.  A backup tape or CD left in a drawer gives a false sense of security, and so do backups which are not verified for data integrity. It's bad enough to suffer a data loss, but it's worse to discover your backups are corrupt, rendering the data unrecoverable when you need it most.

Why Managed Off-Site Backups Make Sense.  Backups are critical, but they can be difficult to manage, and must be kept off-premises for maximum security.  Sekweta can fully manage your backups, so you can focus on growing your business.

Please read more about our Managed Backup Services and Off-Site Data LockBoxes for low-cost bulk file storage.


"Getting data offsite is a critical step to full data protection – and one that SMBs and remote offices cannot overlook."

B. Cramer, Disaster  Recovery Journal